Why Join the Team....

  • A True sense of service to the community and citizens of Fife through the Fife Police Department.
  • Great training provided by a highly regarded organization that is committed to your success.
  • For those interested in a career in law enforcement, this is the best on-the-job preparation available.
  • Every time you come into contact with people, you have the unique opportunity to make a difference in their lives. 
  • Participation in a true team enviornment is very rewarding.


The majority of Full Time Police Officers with the City of Fife were at one time Reserve Officers including the Chief of Police!

Consider this position through the experiences of Fife Reserves...

It is Great Training and Career Preparation for Full Time Law Enforcement! 

While in college Kevin Farris was studying criminal justice when he ran into someone who was a Fife Reserve.  Kevin started his Reserve Service in 1992, became a Community Service Officer in 1994, hired for Patrol in 1996 and became a Sergeant in 2004.  Kevin found that as a Reserve in Fife, he was trained to the level of a full-time officer, and considered as such.  "Fife puts so much emphasis on training Reserves that we feel comfortable with the skills and abilities, and we have great trust and confidence in them."  Thanks to his Fife training, Kevin had a much easier time in the academy, FTO training and probationary period.  “For those moving forward to a law enforcement career, you might not get a paycheck for your service, but you get unmatched training and experience.”  And since many current Fife officers also once served as Reserves, “most full-time officers are willing to mentor—and will go the extra mile to help you succeed.”

 Will You Be Next?


Are You Called to Serve in addition to your Career?

Like many Reserves, Bob Moser is a Fife Reserve Lieutenant in addition to working in a different field of employment.  Formerly a Command Master Chief in the Navy, Bob also worked full time as a Department of Defense production supervisor assigned to the nation’s naval fleet.  Why did he work this position in addition to a full-time career in another field?  “It’s very different from my regular job—I got to go out and participate in, and experience things that were unique,”  Bob says, “and I enjoyed contact with people, whether in conversation or high stress scenarios.”  Bob has had four combat tours, is a scuba diver, and has jumped out of perfectly good airplanes, however, he looks at reserve service in a different light, “Compared to all of these things, being a Reserve Lieutenant in
Fife is the most meaningful.  As a volunteer, you do this because you truly care and you enjoy it,” and adds, “when you look back in life and wonder what you’ve done that’s been meaningful to others—this is one of those ways that you know you’ve done something of value.”


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Is it Right for You? 


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