Is this a paid position?
No.  This is strictly a volunteer position serving at the pleasure of the Chief of Police.  However, Level 4 Reserve Officers can be hired into full time temporary provisional positions when a need is created by special assignment, injury, vacation etc.

What equipment is provided?
Each Reserve Officer is required to provide their own equipment.  All equipment must meet department requirements.  The police department will provide your badge, duty weapon and magazine holders, radio, taser, and flashlight. Coats and ballistic vests are available on a limited basis.  You must provide the uniform, shoes, duty belt, cuffs, key holder, glove pouch, etc.  After one year reserves are provided with an annual $400 clothing allowance. 

Is the equipment I purchase tax deductible?
Yes - All the items that you purchase for use as a reserve police officer are tax deductible including your mileage to and from the department.  Consult your tax adviser for further information.

Am I a full-fledged Police Officer?
Yes - In the City of Fife you have full police powers and can take full enforcement action.  You wear the same uniform and ride in the same police vehicles. 

Can I patrol on my own?
The Fife Police Reserve Program has a four tiered system.  Level 1 Reserves are academy students only.  Level 2 and 3 Reserves are academy graduates and work the road with another officer for almost a year.  Proficiency testing at different stages is required to continue through the process.  Level 4 Reserves are considered independent
officers and may do everything a full time regular officer can do. Level 4 Reserves may work at any time and check out a patrol vehicle and enter into the regular call rotation. 

What if I want to do this full time?
Becoming a Reserve Officer is the best training possible.  You are tried and tested to see if you can work the road and once you prove it you will become a valuable asset to any department.  If you test with Fife PD you are provided extra points for being a reserve and have a greater chance of being picked up.  If you are hired full time you will have to go through the full 770 hour academy but it will be much easier due to your reserve officer training and academy.


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