The Fife Police Department Intern and Cadet Program

The Fife Police Department Intern and Cadet Program is seeking motivated, energetic young adults between the ages of 18-21 to join the program.  This program is being established to afford qualified persons the opportunity to affiliate themselves with a law enforcement agency prior to reaching the eligible age for appointment as police, corrections or communications officers. The program is designed to attract young adults of outstanding ability and provide comprehensive training and service opportunities while promoting character development and good citizenship.


Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Fife Police Intern and Cadet Program to educate and involve college age young men and women in police operations and prepare them for a possible law enforcement career.  Our goal is to develop Interns and Cadets as well-rounded, law-abiding individuals.  The education aspect provides knowledge of law enforcement’s function in the community whether entering the field of law enforcement or not.  The Intern and Cadet Programs offer the exposure and training necessary to facilitate successful entry into the law enforcement profession.



The Fife Police Intern and Cadet Program is a unique program in the State of Washington.  The program is not a Boy Scouts of America Explorer Program but falls directly under the Reserve Police Officer Division of the department.  The City of Fife is unique in that the James Paulson Criminal Justice Center houses the Police Department as well as a 911 dispatch center, jail, and a court facility which provide our interns and cadets with multifaceted opportunities.


Training Opportunities
Police Interns and Cadets gain valuable experience and training in preparation for a career in law enforcement. Although Police Cadets have no police powers, they receive the following training:

                              ¨    CPR/First Aid

¨    Washington State Law and Procedure

¨    Community Policing Philosophy

¨    Ethics and decision-making

¨    Cultural awareness

¨    Driving techniques

¨    Defensive tactics

¨    Firearms safety and marksmanship

¨    Report writing

¨    Patrol Procedure

¨    Radio and 911 Dispatch Operations

¨    Jail/Booking Procedures

¨    Records and Administration

¨    Court Security and Operations

¨    Taser & Pepper Spray

¨    Traffic Law and Traffic Control

¨    Drug Identification

¨    Oral Board Interviews/Practice

¨    Collision Investigation

¨    Finger Printing


Interns and Cadets will also participate with full time and reserve police officers in:

                        ¨    Regular training opportunities

¨    Mock Scenes

¨    Defensive Tactics Training

¨    Community Fairs, Parades and Events

¨    Ride-a-longs


Transition to Police Officer

Upon completion of the program, Cadets who desire to continue in the field of law enforcement are encouraged to apply with the Fife Police Reserve Division and, when eligible, participate in the full time Fife Police Department testing process.


If you are interested in applying for our new Cadet Program contact Reserve Sgt. Ossman at


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