The Fife Reserve Officer Program

The Fife Police Department's Mission is to partner with the community to create a safe city by providing the highest level of police services.  It would not be possible for the City of Fife to provide the level of Police Service that it does without the Reserve Division.   

As it now stands, the Fife Police Department is staffed with a Chief, Assistant Chief, Administrative Captain, Operations Captain, 5 Patrol Sergeants, 1 Detective Sergeant, 1 Administrative Coordinator, 13 Patrol Officers, 1 K-9 Officer, 4 Detectives, 1 Investigations Assistant/Crime Analyst, 1 CJTC Officer Instructor, 2 Traffic Units, 1 Commercial Vehicle Inspector, 1 School Resource Officer,  2 Police Service Specialists, 1 Evidence Technician, 2 Records Officers, and multiple corrections officers.  The Police Department patrol division is supplemented by a Reserve Division of 11 additional officers.

Fife’s Reserve program started in 1969 with eight Reserve Officers.  Since that time, Fife Reserves have given over 219,008.5 hours of service to the community.  And, Fife Reserves are well trained—accumulating over 34,769 continuing training hours.  The program is indeed an asset to the community, the City of Fife, and the many volunteers that participate.  What may have started as a small program in a relatively small city has grown into one of the Washington State’s premier Reserve programs. 

Since inception, over 129 Fife Reserve Police Officers have moved into full time law enforcement positions.  These 129 Reserve Officers have been hired by agencies throughout the region.  Thanks to their strong backgrounds and training, previous Fife Reserve Officers have succeeded in their careers.  


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